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Welcome to the “You are Mine” Pro-Life Music Video Contest.

The contest to produce the best video is on with $2000.00 in prizes!

Here is the scoop:

1. Download the song “You are Mine”

The song “You Are Mine”, recently released by Samuel J. Zettel, powerfully and thoughtfully points to the sacred dignity of the pre-born child.  He has generously offered the soundtrack for the production of a pro-life music video.

2. Make a music video for the song.

3. Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo

4. Fill out the entry form and send us the video link.

5. Have your video reviewed by Pro-Life leaders

6. Potentially win on of the 4 prizes.

7. Whether you win a prize or not, you are still helping to build the culture of life!


The deadline has now been extended.
The contest closes on Friday December 27, 2013.


First Place Prize is $1000.00
Second Place Prize is $500.00
Third Place Prize is $250.00
Fourth Place Prize is $250.00


Here are the basic rules…
· Your video has to use the song “You Are Mine” as the soundtrack.
· You have to have the rights to use your photos and video footage. Eg: Original video or photos is a good start.
· You can’t break any copyright rules by using other people’s stuff (You are allowed to use the song as mentioned above though)
· If people other than yourself are in the video. You have to  have permission from them.
· International Entries are accepted.


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