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$2000.00 in prizes to be won!
$2000.00 in prizes to be won!
Prolife Music Video Contest +
Here they are folks... The top four videos. Thank you again to everyone who entered and thank you also for your patience in the process. Fi
First Place Winner! $1000.00 Second Place Winner $500.00 You Are Mine Music Video from
Third Place Winner! $250.00 Fourth Place Winner $250.00

This contest is a direct effort to encourage people from around the world to put their creative and technical skills to work in an effort to stand up for life and the dignity of the unborn. The "YOU ARE MINE" Music video contest is being sponsored by The Hanover Right to Life and Walkerton Right to Life club from Ontario, Canada.

There are over $2000.00 in prizes be handed out. We'd love to see your videos and as an incentive / reward, the top prize will be awarded $1000.00.

To enter, you don't have to be from Ontario. What you do need to do is pretty simple...
Download the song that is provided on this site, make a powerful / moving pro-life video and be awarded with a top prize if the judges choose your video!

Check out the Contest Rules for more information.